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An Alternative to 2022 New Years Resolutions


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January 2 · Issue #34 · View online

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What A Year!
Unlike in the English alphabet, the Greek alphabet only has 24 letters. Delta is 4 and Omicron is 15. The last one is Omega. How will they name later mutations?
2020 was a year of chaos. Nobody knew what was going to happen, and the virus caused us to cower with fear.
2021 was a year of adjustment. We had vaccines, and we boldly started inching back toward “normalcy”.
2022 will be (my prediction) a year of triumph. We have accepted that the virus will remain in our lives for a while longer but we won’t let it deter us. People who have stayed at home are itching to meet people in person and enjoy the “good ol’ days”. And they won’t let anything get in their way.
The Impracticality of New Years Resolutions
Moving onto 2022, I caution against having super flashy goals that are unattainable. 80% of New Years Resolutions fail, and 90% don’t make it past January.
That’s not saying we shouldn’t set goals. New Years Resolutions act as a fantastic catalyst to jumpstart you into action. The tough part is not running out of juice (I admittedly have a problem with running out of juice).
Instead, Be Smart
S.M.A.R.T. Specific. Measurable. Actionable. Relevant. Time-Bound.
I’ll go through an example.
Specific: Do you know the details of what to do?
  • Not specific: become healthier.
  • Specific: lose weight.
Measurable: What are the success criteria?
  • Not measurable: lose weight.
  • Measurable: lose 20 pounds.
Actionable: Can you do it?
  • Not actionable: lose 20 pounds.
  • Actionable: lose 20 pounds by running.
Relevant: Why does this matter?
  • Not relevant: lose 20 pounds by running.
  • Relevant: lose 20 pounds by running to become healthier.
Time-Bound: When do you want to accomplish this?
  • Not time-bound: lose 20 pounds by running to become healthier.
  • Time-bound: lose 20 pounds in 6 months by running to become healthier.
Use Accountability To Be Consistent
Continuing from the example above, here are some possibilities:
  • Weigh yourself everyday and write down your results.
  • Log your exercise everyday.
  • Consider pairing up with a buddy or doing it together with a group. Social peer pressure works!
Wishing You The Best Start To 2022!
Finally, I wish you a fantastic start to a new year! It’ll be great, just wait and see!
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