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October 3 · Issue #29 · View online

I'm Jerry, a software engineer, YouTuber, and blogger. Every weekend I write about some thoughts, life lessons, and interesting things I came by for the week. I'd love for you to join.

Birthdays were so much more fun to celebrate as a kid because of all the festivities, presents, and unlocked restrictions that come with increased age. But as an adult, they’re less fun because it’s one year closer to death.
This past week, I turned 28. The hard realization that I can’t classify myself as mid-20s anymore was crushing. Welcome to the late-20s? No thanks. I still want to be young.
Along with my new age, there will be some new changes I’m announcing.
Revamping Blog
My blog will also follow me into this new phase of my life. I just revamped my coding blog recently, but I’m going to make an even bigger revamp this upcoming month to consolidate all my separate blogs (bible, life) into one. It no longer makes sense to keep them separate just because they’re different topics since they’re all part of me.
Re-focused Content
Throughout my 2-year blogging journey so far, I’ve gotten distracted so many times on what to write about because I feel like I just want to record down everything. I’ve done a lot of exploration, experimentation, and realized that it can be an infinitely deep rabbit hole.
I’ve lost focus, and my quality and quantity started slipping.
I realized I’m interested in too many things, including topics such as productivity, habits, personal finance, investing, real estate, technology, reading, coding, Bible, etc.
I can’t do them all.
So instead, I’m going to focus on what gives me joy: reading and coding. Reading because I enjoy doing it. Coding because it’s my profession.
It doesn’t mean I won’t post one-off topics here and there. But I just won’t do much of them.
Shorter Newsletters
Less is more.
Haha, yeah right. I usually have a lot to write. But that’s also the problem: I’m not doing you any favors by having longer content if it’s not well-substantiated. I have a bad habit of rambling. I’m working on being more concise.
If I can say something with fewer words and it has the same effect, why not?
Weekly Content
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