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Our Society Is Becoming Ever More Permissive


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December 12 · Issue #33 · View online

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I get it. We human beings like to push boundaries. We want to explore the unknown. We venture into new territory.
But some things are just not meant to be permissible.
Newly Minted Allow-ables
On the following list, at least some items should produce this expression on your face:
  • 3500 BC: first recorded instances of slavery in civilization
  • 1791: second amendment gun rights added to US Bill of Rights
  • 1945: first nuclear weapon dropped by the US in Japan
  • 1973: Roe v Wade legalizing abortion in the US
  • 1996: legalization of marijuana in the US
  • 2021: scientists generate human-monkey chimeric embryos
Whether it’s war, drugs, or sex, it’s undeniable that freedoms have been expanding. While this is generally seen as a good thing (democracy, human rights, better working wages), not all freedoms are good. Out of these changes come some hard questions:
  • What regulation (if any) should we place on technology? For example, nuclear? Artificial intelligence? Biotechnology?
  • What regulation (if any) should we place on gun control? Drug usage?
All of these will depend on your worldview. And worldview changes based on the ear, your geographic location, and your neighbors.
Historical Trends
The USSR, born out of World War 2, directly opposed the capitalist west. America had a prohibition-era (ban on alcohol) and reverted back )check the 18th and 21st amendments). Ancient Rome’s government started as a kingdom, reformed into a republic, and then forcefully turned into an empire.
From historical trends, we observe there’s always a constant fluctuation between the spectrum of left and right, loose and tight, liberalism and conservatism, freedom and suppression.
Equilibrium’s demands must be met. Today, we are more on the loose side. We will continue to trend in that direction until the constraints of society can no longer stand it.
Popular Does Not Mean Good
Consensus never justifies.
There. I said it. Now I sound like I’m against democracy.
Let’s say there’s a fictitious military state where survival of the fittest was the only rule. (Think of the movie The Purge.) If the majority of people decided that it’s okay to permit murder, would that make murder right?
People are easily brainwashed into believing whatever the latest trend is because we are social creatures. We don’t want to stand up to the status quo because it’s uncomfortable and risky. Most people are passive by nature.
We must learn to question popular thinking, lest we be trapped under the tyranny of the status quo.
Neutrality is Fake
No one is neutral in the way he or she thinks about life. No one is truly open-minded. Everyone carries with them a worldview that shapes their understanding of everything. Everyone is a philosopher; everyone is a theologian.
Whatever your views are, I hope you give yourself a chance to verify your own views. Don’t just subscribe to what you’ve been taught or whatever is popular. You at least owe that much to yourself.
Don’t be like Burr.
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