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March 21 · Issue #12 · View online

I'm Jerry, a software engineer, YouTuber, and blogger. Every weekend I write about some thoughts, life lessons, and interesting things I came by for the week. I'd love for you to join.

Hi friends!
Spring is here! If you live in the US, then you probably also experienced daylight savings and lost an hour. Fear not. You’ll get it back in the fall.
Understanding How Government Taxes
The 4/15 tax day date is not that far off. As I filed my taxes this year, it occurred to me to reflect on how my taxes have changed over the years. I remember when I first filed my taxes, it was quite confusing. Now that I have a few years of experience under my belt, I’m starting to get the hang of it. So I wanted to share some of my learnings with you as well.
However, our understanding of taxes wouldn’t be complete if we only focused on how we pay taxes. While I paid federal income tax, since I live in California, I also had to pay state income tax. Not all states have an income tax, which led me to wonder what taxes California has. I came across this article that explains how the state of California taxes its residents and found it educational.
Measuring Myself More Seriously
I’ve collected data on myself for over a year now. Specifically, I would collect habit, health, financial, and time data on myself. For the most part, I would only record the data. After a few months in, I started to add some simple plots to show the trend of my health data. More recently, I started adding more comprehensive graphs that answer the following questions:
  • How consistent was I this past month in following my anchor habits?
  • How did I spend my time this past week?
  • How much time did I “waste”?
  • How much time did I spend in deep work?
Here’s my monthly report for the month of February. While it took me a bit of effort to set this up, I’m hoping that this will be worthwhile as I continue to monitor myself and improve. I’m hoping honestly and objectively measuring myself will drive me to perform at my best.
Okay, that’s all I got for now. See you next week!
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